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Alright, so since the last three posts have been damn depressing (yes, I cursed, get over it...I'm a little angry at myself for being so vulnerable and sad still.) -- I vote for a happy post. :D I could use a dose of happy, couldn't you? If you've been reading this blog, chances are you could use some happy.

- Pretty sure that shaved legs have the power to change a girls' perspective and attitude of a day.
- Pretty Summer clothes = WIN!
- Crystal posted a GREAT song on Facebook earlier today and I am not in love with it. I don't know if she was thinking of me when she did, but man, did I need it. So thanks, darling.

- Reminded this morning from Psalm 25:3 that no one who trusts God will be put to shame. Tag that with what Todd told us yesterday, Not ONE of the promises in scripture has failed and God WILL be faithful to EACH promise. Man did I need that today. I feel like a fool for believing the things I do, hoping for what I do, but I'm banking of this promise and clinging to it in a way I couldn't imagine.
- Last night, spent some significant time listening to Matt Chandler and Mark Driscoll talk about biblical manhood and how MEN need to protect the women around them and not leave a wake of destruction for the next guy. Listening to their exhortation to the young men they love...it encouraged my heart.
- Yesterday, I happened upon a unexpected surprise of time with Holly, Laura & Betsy (and the newest Book Club member, Anna Kate) - and man...just to soak up some time with my sisters was exactly what I needed. And even thought it was only five minutes, it came an amazingly perfect time, since I saw someone connected to him sitting a row in front of me at church. But man..holding that sweet baby girl and laughing with the girls about the comedy of my life...good times
- Love painted toenails. Mine are a brilliant shade of summer coral/orange. Yummy.
- Went to see Thor the other day. Seriously. Chris Hemsworth. Yum.my. Can I have one? I just want to have him sit on my couch and smile at me, cuz daaaang. That boy is pretty.
- Because I've spent some time running, my arms are turning a very pretty brown. Now I think I might not object to some serious sun this summer to mocha-ize my skin. :)
- I was just chatting online with a friend and almost said "pimpressed" -- not sure what that is...but it made me laugh out loud. Love it.
- Burt's Bees Lip Balm. The end.
- Jesus Loves me. He died for me. he's awesome. The end. The REAL end.


  1. For you and for other people in my life who are going through some tough stuff. But mostly for the Italian rap. ;) I like happy posts. <3

  2. There are few things better than shaved legs and painted toe nails.


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