Brain Splatter

* Did I just title a post "Brain Splatter"? I did. Man, I'm really losing my mind.

* Two nights, two movies. That's the beginning of a good week. I love movies so.

* Thai food is just about my favorite. So glad Jon & Laura agreed to that for dinner tonight. Yum!

* I need a job. Looking, seeking, hoping and eesh.

* Transparency and Vulnerability are so hard. But worth it. Today I laid my heart on the table with the leader of our trip to Nica and whoosh, that was hard, but it was good.

* I miss my friend. a lot. In fact, more with each day that passes, which is weird. I wish it would all just go away like the vapors of a bad dream...but it's not.

* Confession: I still haven't watched the season finale of The Office. Can't wait to see who gets picked for the new Michael....

* To brighten my life a bit, I painted my toes and fingernails a gloriously bright shade of hot pink. Summer is heeeere. :)

* Summer is here. And that sucks. Because it means it's going to be hot. Good Lord, someone with a pool needs me to come visit often.

* Speaking of summer, I will be 24 hours from leaving for Nicaragua on the one year anniversary of meeting him. I do not at all think that is a coincidence. I thank God for the mercy in that.

* Gonna be reading like a fiend this summer because come fall, I'll be back to reading what I don't want to read but have to for school. :)

* Methinks I should find a new pair of sunglasses to epitomize my summer. Something hot...maybe yellow or hot pink? hmmm....

* I have new nerd crushes....the guys from the IT Crowd...I don't know why. Probably the Irish and British accents.

* Speaking of Irish accents...perhaps I should move to Ireland and find me a nice Irish boy who sounds like he's singing when he's talking....

* My heart is so tender...the most bizarre things are bringing tears to my eyes. Tonight, it was the Pearl Harbor score. So gorgeous, I broke down on the way home when combined with the beautiful sky before me.

* I've been reading my nightly and morning scripture time in the Message. It's new and God has been using it to breathe life into my poor torn up heart.

* There's an army of support around me. Amazed by that.

* His love is lavish. And I'm in awe.


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