Extroverted Introvert

Today I spent quite a bit of time with people, expending of my heart. I love people, I love being around them and I love loving them. Yet sometimes, after a day full of people who are not comfortable, I just want to lock myself in a room with a book and some music and decompress.

In describing myself to a friend recently, I told him I was an Extroverted Introvert. This is what happened today. I used all my extroversion and needed some time for my introvert to recharge.

Interestingly, I sent a text to a friend today that said, "I could really use a hug and a movie theater today, although a nap will have to do." I didn't need a hug because I was bummed or sad. I just wanted some physical affirmation and warmth - but I also wanted the introspection time of the dark movie theater, alone in my thoughts. I settled for a nap, instead.

This evening has been spent with a book and music quietly playing while I sat on my couch. I still wouldn't mind having someone to cuddle up next to and enjoy the quiet with though....but I was perfectly fine with my blanket, my book and Ingrid Michaelson.


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