A Dose of Happy

This week's prescribed dose of happiness in the midst of heaviness. To try to not depress my readers as I go along on this valley walk.

- Book Club reunited this week and it felt so good. And we declared the reinstatement of Book Club officially. Except that Betsy now has some reason she can't join us every week. Ah well. I need my girls and I need to talk about fun books, reading, being a nerd and pretty pasty white vampires. Or something... ;)

- Speaking of books, I'm almost finished with the Red Pyramid by Rick Riordan. Fun! I have enjoyed this book and can't wait to read the next thing.

- Got good news on my Application for the History program at LC. It is becoming more real that this is actually what I'm doing. Fun!

- There's a distinct possibility that I will see my friend Kim and her husband James when they come up for James' daughter's graduation in early June. I hope it works out. Because I've missed her terribly.

- Um...THIS video, posted by a friend on his facebook page made me happier than anything. Alicia needs to make me a mp3 of this. Seriously.

- Also, I found Dexter Season 3 online this week! Now I can catch up. But chances are, I won't be able to find season 4 or after...so boo on that. I love me some Dexter.

- Job Interview on Monday! EEEEE! Fingers Crossed, trusting God to be big and give me something to fill my time!

- Thirsty is tonight. I've been so excited for this for a month. Ready to drown my heart in Jesus' blood tonight. Also, before hand, I get to pray with the Kids Community people for 60@6! woooo!

- This week has been full of encouragement. People have shared with me how they see me and it's been a reminder that I AM those things that I began to question because of this. I love how God doesn't leave me hanging with those negative views of myself that my thoughts began to believe after reading the email, after observing people's treatment of me. So thankful that God hasn't abandoned me.

- Oddly, I find great joy in the fact that there is a a sisterhood community of understanding in heartbreak. There's something about having sisters who have felt what you felt, encourage that it isn't endless but know that it feels like it. Man...I love having sisters in Christ.

- Love sunshine. I really do. I could sit in cool day in the sun forever and read, sleep or just let it wash over me. I love it.

- Francis Chan. He did it again. Ten minutes of humbling, ten minutes of toe stepping, but ten minutes that make me want to fall on my face before God and worship with all my heart.


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