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Flood of Memories

It's in a pile now. A rubbish heap.
It is garbage bags of clothes, pillows, toys, and life drowned and forgotten.
Piles of things that are not just things.

It was the excitement of house shopping. Dreams of the life that would be crafted there.
The day the papers were signed, the new key, the excitement of a new house.

It was the couch that was home of a thousand snuggles, where cancer didn't last tears and laughter.
The place where the family knitting was crafted.

It was the kitchen sink where big hands and little hands washed themselves.
The new lessons of dishes washed and dried while singing silly songs.

It was a kitchen full of hundreds of meals cooked, crock pots and ovens.
The sounds of mom and dad and brother and sister creating.

It was the stove where hundreds of dinners were prepared with love and butter.
The hearth of a modern life.

It was the carpet lovingly scrubbed of dirt, oops spills, and shoes in from a hard day's work.
The comfort beneath our feet, givin…

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