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On Leggings, Boss Toddlers, Lipstick, Wine & Jesus

Speaking of leggings... I'm always speaking of leggings because...well ...Look, I am going to say something without shame here. I LOVE Leggings. I love wearing leggings as pants. I love feeling like I'm wearing pajamas to work because I don't want to be wildly uncomfortable and tug at shirts and skirts and slacks that pinch and bite into places that are not meant to be. I don't want to worried that my button up shirts are going to pop open and give a show to the men in my office. Let me wear my leggings, people. And no, it's not all I wear....I promise.

Also. can we not knock crazy legging prints? Because...dude. I'm a wild and fun gal and I love my prints. Today, I happen to be wearing octopus leggings. Tomorrow, I might wear my playing card ones. LET ME EXPRESS my fun side, for goodness sake. If you're too wound up to wear paper airplanes on your legs, dude...that's cool. But some of us...we don't have a lot of space to express ourselves, so fun pr…

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