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Just Stop Complaining

It's been raining here in Central Virginia since Friday. And every time I log into social media, I find not one but usually multiple complaints about the rain.

I went about 10 days without a phone recently due to my own stupidity & the fact that phones are fragile. Whenever I logged in on a computer and after I got my phone back....all the negativity blasted me like a cold chill on my face on a winter day. It seeped into my skin and made me feel wildly uncomfortable.

I have little patience for people who complain about the weather, whether snow, rain, heat, cold, etc. . It's not always hot. It doesn't always snow. Rain doesn't last forever. Seasons change constantly & we have to roll with that. The sun isn't always going to shine, folks.

Why can't we enjoy the good weather days and find reasons to be thankful for bad weather days? I'm guilty of this on hot days - but I try to keep a healthy perspective and I need to hear these words too.

Don't l…

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