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Holiday Aches & Pains

Thanksgiving is tomorrow.

More family holiday time is coming.

It's busy - events every week from now until the end of the year.
But blended families have hard things ahead.

Step Mamas, Divorced Dads & Moms, Kids with multiple parents' homes to choose between.

Kids don't want to disappoint anyone, they don't want to let them down. They want it to be easy, but it's not. Blended families survive through the holidays, and have a hard time celebrating sometimes.

And then there's the court order. It says "get along and split the time equally" -- and it doesn't happen. Inevitably the custodial parent has manipulative power to make the kid feel guilty for not being with them on the holiday. Or manages to steal the holiday from the other parent. It's manipulation, it's painful, it's emotional assault and hurtful to those left to suffer without their kids on  special days of the year.

And you may be pragmatic and think "well, just celeb…

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