Breaking Fast, Week One

In recent years, I've encountered an increasing number of Evangelicals who observe lent. I never really thought about it, since my parents were Catholic and we were raised far away from traditions like Lent. However, with the encounters in recent years, I've come to feel personally inclined to abstain from something sacrificially for some time in preparation for an encounter with Christ regarding His death and Resurrection. Beyond that, the fasting to seek a further intimacy with Christ is at the heart of my desire in relationship with Christ.

Some would say that it's a "man-made" tradition or that it's "works" to get God's approval. I say, yes it can be either if done improperly. But for me, it's not about that, it's about growing a deeper relationship with Christ and seeing Him for who He is.

This year, I am letting go of secular music for the Lent season but allowed to break fast on Sundays. In a future post, I'll do an explanation of why I chose this, but this week, I must say that I'm a mite thankful for my fast so I can have this song out of my head by playing it finally. And truthfully, I find more truth in it now than I did five days ago. Praise God for small things like this.


  1. I gave up alcohol and World of Warcraft (which I actually started in February but intended to go back in March and felt God was saying stay out longer). Nick said I should give up cheese but that would just give my withdrawls and the shakes.
    I'm proud of you for giving up secular music - I mean, I listen to mostly secular so I'm not judging, but I know that that's hard for you and you are being obedient to God and I'm proud of you for that. See you soon!


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