Random Thoughts

* Every now and then, my head gets so full of things that I need to dump it all in an random post. Away we go...

* Adele's new album is like crack. I seriously cannot stop listening to her voice, especially the new single "Someone Like You." It's cathartic, and beautiful.

* Yesterday was so full of things that when I got home finally at 10pm, I was so tired I couldn't decide whether to eat, shower and sleep first. I showered first. And for the record - since y'all are - I did eat. Then I lied in bed and watched How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days.

* The other day, Robbie Seay tweeted about what it would be like to follow the twelve apostles on twitter. Hysterical responses. Really brilliant.

* For the record, I have come to loathe most Contemporary Christian Music. Casting Crowns is at the top of my list of ick. But on the top of my list of good tunes that are written by Christians - Andrew Peterson. Noise Trade offered a free download of his "Far Country" album recently and I was reminded what a GREAT writer he is. Such an incredible lyricist.

* Faith Girls is such a special privilege that I get to do. I love that I'm finally at a point where the I get to build relationships with the girls. I love the team I serve with. Jo, Em, Tina & the other leaders are so beautiful in unique ways. I also really like it when Jo, Em & I can harass on each other for the entertainment of the kids. It's so fun to play with these girls. Where else can you wear crazy socks, the craziest of hats, and act like a kid? Yeah, good stuff.

* Who's going to see Tangled at the Dollar Theater today? Yeah, I am. You can bank on it. I need some fairy tale goodness.

* Truth: I have never been one to crave tropical vacations. But recently, the idea of a tropical vacation is a bit appealing. Hawaii, Florida, California....something removed from here. Something where I can have a few days on the beach in the sun, and let my feet be swallowed up in the feel of the sand.

* A cup of Earl Grey tea in the morning is really quite lovely, particularly on an overcast day with the ghosts of the mountains rising up in the distance.

* Speaking of the mountains - there is something really glorious about the mountains this time of the year. As it begins to warm up, it's almost like you can breathe when you see them. For my friends who don't live here, I drive around and think of them and am certainly assured that they would fall in love with the Blue Ridge the way that I have.

* I had so much fun this year watching the Oscars and tweeting while it was on. It was like attending the wittiest Oscar Party ever. It inspires me to host an Oscars party next year. Gilded invites, glammed up friends, red carpet and all. :) Looking forward to this!

* I don't sleep well in an empty house. Pretty well convinced this is evidence that I'm not supposed to be single. Two weeks of this is going to be a challenge. Thankful for visitors next week!

* Saturday morning phone calls are awesome.

* and now...I'm going to watch a couple of episodes of Dexter to get this day really going. :)


  1. I would love a post on your thoughts in Christian Music. Why is Casting Crowns ick? What makes a good vs bad Christian musician? etc.


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