A Rhino, Sir Elton & Love Songs

Over on Facebook, I gave my lovely friends the opportunity to tell me what to blog on, as I am itching to write, but seem to be a topic loss. My dear, lovable Laura-friend suggested a blog about a Rhino who wants to be loved. So here you go.

Rhinos...I don't know much about Rhinos. But I know that they are thick skinned, and mostly gentle. Kind of remind me of me along the journey of life. I grew to be rather thick skinned thanks to the bumps along the road. But really, at my heart of hearts, I'm a gentler spirit than I let on. Only people who are close enough to me know that to be true. Recently, someone saw this in me and it surprised me that I'd been so vulnerable with this person.

All I know is that in spite of the thick skinned-ness, and the feeling of being ugly, unsightly and unlovable - as one might view a Rhino....all Rhinos need a gentle touch, and really, just want to be loved. There's something magic about touch, really. The bravest hug, the gentlest hand on skin, fingers entwined...it's healing for someone so thick skinned. For the life of me, I'll never understand people who's love language is not touch because mine is. Close proximity speaks volumes of what people feel, body language, and the feeling of a touch. Whether it's the comforting hand of a friend, a bear hug from a brother, a tentatively gentle hand holding or an impassioned embrace, all are communiques. And the kind I can understand. I think Rhinos need that kind of love....a touch.

Rhinos have these cute little ears at the top of their heads....so cute. Maybe the better to hear things. Right now, I'm writing and Elton John's greatest hits are singing behind me. Sir Elton, I think his songs could induce the most tough Rhino to dance. Believe me, if someone held me close and sang "Your Song" to me, I might melt away to a puddle. That Rhino would probably melt from that heat too...cuz it's hotter than the Sahara. Yeah...Sir Elton knew how to write music that speaks a language of fun-love. It's almost that moment when you think, "Is this what it's supposed to feel like?" and Sir Elton's tunes come on and sing "Yes" to you. Aww...Sir Elton...

Speaking of love songs...There are a plethora of them making the rounds on my ears lately. It's a new thing for me. I'm certainly a gal who listens to music as the mood strikes me. As I've never really been in a sappy, lovey-dovey place, love songs aren't greatly played in my car. I always kind of identified more with songs like Kelly Clarksons' "How I Feel" & "Because of You" instead of "Lucky" or "Bubbly"...or any of the bazillion late 80's, early 90's super cheesy love songs...Although, I admit back in the day, I used to listen to them with hope that they would come true. That got kinda rejected right out of my worldview. Until recently, when God decided he wanted to heal all of that cynicism, those disappointments and restore the last 8 years.....and let me dance. This Rhino is dancing, a little awkwardly still, but dancing nonetheless.

Maybe it was something in the air, maybe it was something in me not really caring...whatever the case may be, lightening struck for me. And 10 months later, I'm not really afraid anymore. What will be, will be and I trust God to take care of me. And there's something that feels like hope rising on the horizon. This little Rhino wants to be loved...and God loved her enough to let her think that it's possible that another Rhino might be able to love her too...and that there's hope for her yet.

Yes, that was a Marc Broussard reference.

There just might be hope for this little Rhino yet.


  1. Oh my goodness, this post ROCKS!! The pictures just take it to a whole 'nother level. I love it!

    And then, as if this post couldn't get any better, you added some Marc Broussard. Brilliant.

  2. Ha ha ha...glad you liked it. :) Thanks for the suggestion. Today I tackle NCAA Basketball, Nephilim and Moses in a Basket. Weird topic. Oy vey.


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