Feeling Pretty

...for some reason, lately I am feeling pretty. No matter if I'm in my pajamas or dressed up like today, I just feel lovely. And it makes me want to have a reason to dress up and have some pretty pictures taken. Is that vain? Maybe it is. But I guess i just feel like perhaps I should take advantage of the glow of late and capture it.

Not to mention, it's spring, and gorgeous outside...which makes me even more stirred to want to revel in the sunshine.

Really, no one has any reason to want to let me dress up and snap crazy pictures...but feeling like I do, I just want to remember right now. That's really what it's about.

Springtime. Sunshine. Heart-glowing. Joy. Yeah....I'd love to capture that. :)


  1. Create a reason! Grab a friend, dress up, and go to a cafe and sit and people-watch! Pretend you're high society and sip expresso with your pinky out!


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