Lucky Charm

Maybe I'm part Lucky Charm, but I am certainly not magically delicious....then again, perhaps I am. he he he!

The announcements keep coming in. Pregnant people all around me. Right now, the count is up to 9 preggers in my circle of knowledge. Three are going to pop any day now, and one good friend did a few weeks ago. I awoke this morning to the reminder that two others of my former co-workers have had babies - mostly I wasn't thinking about them cuz they were dudes and their wives were the pregnant girls. Any day now, though I expect phone calls from no less than two of my friends giving me more news of expectancy.

I knew this day was coming. Five years ago, I went through the wedding explosion. 18 months, 9 Weddings, 9 Bridal showers, 7 Bridesmaids Dresses, 5 mani/pedi/hair/makeup appointments, 0.00 - bank account when all was said and done. That was the year of weddings. That did not include the three other weddings I'd been a party to in the previous two years.In fact, after I moved to Virginia, promising to never be friends with single people because I was wedding weary. It was a joke....sort of.

Then I moved and became friends with almost all married people. Which is awesome because I learned so much more about relationships and friendship and respect and servant-hood than I ever had before. But then....the announcements started coming. Pregnant. Expecting. Pregnant. Baby. Woooo boy. It's been fun too, cuz I get to be Auntie to all the beautiful little babes. I love it.

But it's going to leave me broke. Especially when the little girls start arriving with their cute chubby baby girlness.

Maybe I am a lucky charm - first all my best buds got married. Now most of my best buds are getting pregnant. hmmm.....Yikes!


  1. You are a lucky charm. Good thing I'm hanging out with you soon. I need some of the preggers lucky!


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