Here I sit before You
Giving this gift right back to you.
On the altar burn my desire to ash.
Leave nothing but what You will.
Burn away my want until all that I see
Is You in the gift before me.
On the altar, I place my heart's greatest want.
All that I enjoy and even the treasures You give
I lay all at your feet
Til all that is left is Your face
Showing me what to see.
Your heart beside mine
Teaching mine how to beat.
Your breath filling my lungs.
Your eyes giving me sight
Beyond my blindness.
Your hands shaping my own
To tender mercy.
Your feet leading mine
To unknown paths in trust.
Your arms holding me -
Just holding.
Your blood pulsing in my life
Sweet life.
Your smile radiating
The sun of joy in this earth.
Your Laughter ringing
As peeling bells.
Your tears wiping mine
Of sorrow
Drawing forth sweet tears
To heal the injured heart,
To bring happy peace.


  1. Please put some sweet music to this and sing it to me :)


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