...I remember when Sundays used to be a day of rest. Go to church, go home, nap and relax. Not so much anymore. I'm not complaining. Sundays are still one of my favorite days. Here's what my day looks like:

wake up before 7am.
Get out the door for 7:50 prayer with the Kidstuf leaders.
Run to get coffee before the kids get to the theater.
Then go back, hang out with kiddos.
Lead my small group.
Dance & Worship (Favorite).
Listen to the teach,
Talk to small group some more.
Hang out with kids until parents get them and C.O.P.S. starts.
Go out to atrium & invest in people.
10:30 Service (worship, teaching, and contemplation)
Find some grub (Hopefully)
Go Back to the Kidstuf Theater Green Room to eat.
Run out to theater to pray with leaders.
Hang out with Kids again.
Watch to make sure enough leaders are around for small group.
Help Emma with her small group leading if she needs it.
Dance, Listen to Teach again.
Eat some Laffy Taffy if I have time.
2:00 Nicaragua Meeting.
4:30 Get home.

Last couple of weeks have left me starving because I have not eaten anything but laffy taffy and coffee all day. Sundays are not the best for food.

But Here's what I'm thankful for this Sunday evening:
1. Learning what the Kids learn. Today, Contentment vs. Envy.
2. A gaggle of 4th Grade girls telling me they loved me (and playing with my hair)
3. Reminder to be Thankful.
4. My friends in the Kidstuf Leadership (Tina, Emily & Jo)
5. A Community that cares - one of they guys really cared if my week was good or bad. So encouraging.
6. Opportunities to lay some truth smackdown on a few folks this morning, which, as usual, God used to smack me in the head.
7. The Nicaragua team....I love them already, they are fun and it's going to be a grand time.
8. The opportunity to lead worship again. Oh man, So excited.
9. Time with Carrie on the parkway today, even with the tears that inevitably came.
10. My guitar, the sound, and the freedom to sing.
11. Pajamas.
12. Looking forward to 730 prayer with my FaithGirls leaders tomorrow!
13. That Hope lies deep in my soul, permeating every breath I breathe.
14. That Jesus is all to me. ALL. <3
15. Sundays in general, even in the long-ness and tiredness, I am thankful for Sundays.


  1. I love this post, and that you are loving where you serve. yay for Nicaragua and leading small groups. <3 you a bunch.


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