Singing Over Me

Tonight, Oscar from House of Hope came to BRCC and shared his story of how God saved & restored his life and brought Oscar to a place where he's bringing salvation and restoration to prostitutes and sex slaves in Managua, Nicaragua. What a powerful, magnificent story of redemption!

Before we heard from Oscar, I already knew some of what Oscar does and how he rescues the children - in fact, I wrote about how God has already been inclining my heart towards His own in the rescue of these little girls. Check it out here if you've not yet. As the service started, and we started singing, I thought of that post, of my Jesus - the door busting down kind of Rescuer - and the opening strains of "Came to My Rescue" started. You bet the tears welled up in my eyes all over again. The opening words to this song, being my heart's cry the last few months....

"Falling on my knees in worship, Giving all I am to seek Your face, Lord all I am is Yours....My whole life I place in Your hands, God of mercy, humbled I bow Your presence, at Your throne"

And as I came to the chorus... "I called, You answered & You came to my rescue & I want to be where you are..." at the first go round, I was still just in a place of crying out to God that my heart aches with the weight of thousand pounds of pain and sorrow. That the heaviness of disappointment and disillusionment was swelling like a great tide. I cried out that He had all I am, because really, it feels like there's nothing left but this hallowed out shell. And in my heart, God just in the small still voice..."Hey, I hear you. I am answered, I am answering still."

Then, truth is....I want to be where Jesus is. That has always been true. No where without Him in this life. So I told him, "Lord, I want to be where you are. Even if it's in the midst of all of this pain, this sorrow, this valley. I'll walk through all of it it if that's where You are." That's my heart. That's my "Yes, God" moment. If it's agony and tears everyday from now until I leave this earth but that's where He is...then that's where I am going to be.

Later, Oscar shared his story and after we sang "Mighty to Save" - one of Vilma's favorites. Such power - our God is MIGHTY TO SAVE! He's a Rescuer at His very heart. What a beautiful thought...but more than that, God again showed up in these lyrics for me...Second verse "So take me as You find me, all my fears and failures...Fill my Life again..." - There I sat, tears pouring down my face unreservedly and my hands outstretched asking God to fill my life again...He said "Let me. Let me fill your life...your life is emptied, now let me fill it with my good things." And as I had just confessed a petulant spirit with God during communion, He could now answer me with encouragement, since He had my full attention and my full surrender.

So God, now that I've surrendered to the this path and I'm satisfied to be with you...I'm going to let you fill my life back up with what You choose.

It's beautiful when He rejoices over us with singing...and that He's mighty to save...and mighty enough to be personal.

Tonight, it's all about this verse:

The LORD your God is with you,
the Mighty Warrior who saves.
He will take great delight in you;
in his love he will no longer rebuke you,
but will rejoice over you with singing
~ Zeph. 3:17 ~


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