One Year Ago, Today

One year ago, today, we met. And here I'm sitting on the couch where I used to sit and listen for hours, where we shared our heart and one great night. And then it crumbled, and he walked away and I am still sitting here on this couch. I had great hopes of writing a post that told the story today - the good parts because some people only know the bad stuff. But I can't. My heart just can't.

I've heard that difficult and trying times show what you're made of by your response. Well, I'm made of salt-water, because all I can do is cry. And it still hurts every bit as bad as it did when the first scent of what was happening hit my email inbox. This week found me curled up in fetal position on more than one occasion crying as hard as I did the first week. It feels like it's never going to end someties.

And since I can't really blog coherently, and this song seems to be so appropriate, this is what I'm offering:


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