Oh How He Loves!

A few years ago, I read the book "Captivating" by John and Stasi Elderidge after a sincerely foul break up that destroyed a great piece of my self-esteem. I could get into how that book illuminated the damage done in my life by the various men-folk in my world...and the road since hasn't been easy, but beyond that...

There was a piece of the book that spoke to my soul so deeply when John and Stasi talked of how women have a deep need and desire to be romanced. It is so true. I don't remember the story precisely, but I remember Stasi sharing an incident of seeing a beach full of starfish (I believe it was starfish) and felt like it was a special gift from the Great Lover of Her Soul, Jesus. They spoke of how God knows a woman's heart so deeply intimately that He woos her in special ways with His own love.

I know some people diminish this by saying it's not theologically correct that God makes one sunset for one person. True, He doesn't, but sometimes...just sometimes, God allows for us to experience special things that will knock our socks off in ways that wouldn't anyone else, and it's because he knows we need it. This week, I've needed it in a thousand ways...and I realized that He's done that over and over. He loves me so greatly I cannot even count them.

Tonight as I drove home from Brian & Meredith's I observed the bright and gloriously beautiful almost full-moon illuminating the dark country road I live off of. Then in the distance over the hills, dark clouds and a lightening show kicked into high gear. I love storms and I used to love the moon - before night time became a torture of sorts about three months ago. But tonight...God gave me this special gift of seeing a beautiful night sky and a tremendous lightening show at the same time! That's a priceless example of the God who loves me so!

I could sit and tell you all the amazing ways God's loved on me in the last 24 hours, but it would be a list so long I don't think it might get tiresome but I'm thrilled at how He loves me. And His love is healing me...piece by broken piece. So thankful.

One more little piece that I listened to tonight that Made me fall for Him more and more. It still gives me chills each time I watch it. Be prepared to fall on your face in worship. :)


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