Yes, I woke up in a foul mood...just cuz sometimes you do. That's ok. No real predicating matter....just a few icky days this week. So I'm going to lay up some thankfuls...

Today I'm Thankful for....

* Shane & Shane - on the rec' of a friend, I listened to "Burn Us Up" this morning...yes. Love that. Followed by "Beauty for Ashes" and "Yearn" - Talk about turning a foul mood around. <3 Thanks to Zach for that.

* My girlfriends. Best thing in the world.

* Crash. Last night was so good, and what a blessing to get to sit around a table with gals I love.

* Emily prayed over me last night and called me God's princess. Well, of course I fell apart, but in the end, I was thankful for the sweet moment that she had no idea the way that word bruises my heart.

* It's official that I'm a student in the MA History program at LC. So excited and thankful.

* Nicaragua in less than 2 weeks. Holy Moley! So excited about it!

* Late night texts from my brother reminding me I am loved, and that Jesus is with me.

* I'm weary. So weary. But my gratitude in this is that I'm having to lean so heavily on Jesus. And he's my strength. He so is. I love Him and clinging.

* Truth. It bears being thankful for it. I'm so broken that truth saves my heart every time.

* Brokenness. I'm very very broken. But I'm thankful because at least I know there's nothing good happening from me that is me.

*Friends who text me with wisdom and encouragement to not get hard, but to stay soft and give all this hurt to Jesus to heal. I'm running to His arms at every turn and I love the reminders from my community to continue to do that.


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