Not my Best Idea

So, yesterday on the way home from Roanoke & Father's day dinner with the fam, I put Tangled in for Micah. We didn't finish it. Today, I got home after a frustrating day shopping in preparation for Nicaragua and since Micah was visiting me in my room, we decided to finish watching Tangled. Not my best idea.

Neither was listening to Taylor Swift's new album...well except that it kind of was because several of those songs really make more sense to me now than ever. There is a forthcoming blog that will feature Ms. Swift's songs to tell the story of this week last year.

Also, Tangled was not my best choice considering I am about to start having anxiety attacks when I think about surviving this Friday night. Four days away from the "one year ago today I met him."

There's hope in my heart - Sundays always bring that for me, but I'm just weary of the sadness and the tears that fall at any given moment. And I know Friday will bring a new flood all their own.

Ah well, I sat and watched Tangled and listened to the song he used to sing to me and made my heart smile every time....ah well. Nothing but a hollow memory now.


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