Insecurity lurks at every corner, craving moments to jump out and scare me like monsters from my childhood. Fear threatens to shower over me like a deluge, while I cling to my rickety umbrella. The monsters haunt like bad dreams, words like knives cut through the solid muscle of my heart, ripping security until it hangs, tattered and torn. Defenseless, ashamed, I falter in what I know to be fact.

What I know to be true - because I felt it in my bones. The earth beneath my very feet quaked at his presence. The gentle sound of his heart beating, the veil of his arms around me broke away every fear and insecurity. What I knew was true...I know still to be true. What I saw in transparent glances my way and what I gave was more than just my hand - I gave my heart away in that instant of comfort.

Like an avalanche, overwhelmed with the precious gift of truth...From all the monsters, I hide...and every fear subsides in the gleam of a shining word of truth. What I know in my heart of hearts is true. What I see around me is lies and bequeaths me nothing good. So tonight, in the darkness, I am running away from the monsters. Unshaken, I throw off fear - unveiled, I lay my heart bare and wait with contented sighs for promise to grow mature.


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