Words are powerful. They can raise up, they can tear down. They can make a person believe in the greatest thing, but they can also leave the deepest scar. I'm a words person. Words mean so much to me, but inasmuch as encouraging, loving and uplifting words can make me sparkle like a shooting star, so insulting words can make me feel like someone's taken a branding iron to my heart.

We need words in our lives. Thousands of unending words to express how we feel, what people feel about us. To hear I'm beautiful, or that someone looks up to me, or that what I do makes a difference in the Kingdom of God is encouragement. To hear nothing from someone I care about deeply or who is supposed to care is a wound of epic proportions. This drives a deep gratitude and love for someone when they step out of what is comfortable for them and expresses care in a way I understand. It means they genuinely care.

Today we sang a song in Kids Stuff and one phrase has stuck in my head all day "2,000 years and still you're speaking..." - No, I do not believe in a "young earth", but the principle of a God who speaks to His children after thousands of years....that is encouraging. It encourages my hear to know I've not misheard what He tells me. He loves me, would not steer me wrong. His words to me are life. Breathe, life, and everything beautiful. My trust is not in what someone implies I am wrong about, nor what God has yet to reveal to them. My trust lies in a God who has been faithful to His word for thousands of years, has not let one promise of His go undone in all this time, and He is true. I can trust when He speaks.

Another beautiful thing about God and words - He is the first word - He is love, He is light, He is good, He is truth, He is All. He is the last word. Conquerer of death, healer of sickness and pain, Life-giver, King of Kings and Lord of All. The breathe of life - Creator of the Universe, restorer, and Savior -- and He loves me. His word says I am His. He loves me. His word says I am the apple of His eye. He loves me. His word tells me that I am cherished and He died for me to be with Him. He loves me. His word tells me that nothing in this world or out of it can separate me from that Love. He. Loves. Me.

Now there are some words that will heal me, bring new life and establish my feet firmly in truth. And will never fail me...or you.


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