Week of Thankful 4.4

Today I realized that the week of thankful is actually 5 years old this year, not 4! That is amazing. I'm so thankful that God has used gratitude to change me from the inside out. And it is an amazing privilege to share with the world things that I am thankful for. 

I've been reading the memoir of Brennan Manning this week & one of the things he talks about is how God's grace was extended to him over and over through friendships and relationships God blessed Him with. So today's theme is that....friendships in my life that have been God's hand in my life. 


Today I'm thankful for friendships who will be identified by description rather than by name. It's not glory on a person, but a gratitude, bone-deep to my Savior who graced me with people in my life who have cared for my brokenness in ways that cannot be expressed....

I'm thankful for the friend(s) who -

...is the other half of my brain and knows me better than almost anyone I have ever met. She has a soul-knowledge of this person without speaking for months (or sometimes years) at a time. There is a history that sits deep but a kindred spirit that ties our hearts across miles, states, and life circumstances. God gave me a gift of friendship in you that is unmatched to date.

...is my friend 'wife.' God did a remarkable thing in giving you to me. It benefited both of us on levels that I don't think either of us could have expected when we were introduced by someone who has not a part of either of our lives anymore. If no other reason than our friendship did I encounter that person, I am grateful. You are my sister, my 'greatest good', and friend of my soul. I think sometimes we might be soul-mates because of our love of silly, good tunes and things that sometimes aren't approved by the holier-than-thou types. To know that you are my friend is a sweet gift. Thankful for you.

... - the three of you who - met me in the dark, helped me find my way, begin to shine again only to be plunged into darkness and held my hand through the endless nights of terror and weeping. My three sisters will forever be the hands I reach for in dark hours because you've done it once, twice and I know you'll walk with me through the rest arm-in-arm. Even if it's just in text message or prayer. Gratitude runs through my veins for each of you in unique ways - but our shared love of wine, romance and good conversation makes my heart glad.

... have been a surprise friendship from the moment I met the masculine one of you two. To find a brother & sister in your soon to be growing family over the last 4 years has been a special gift. I love the laughter, random events, parties and life changes we've seen together. I love you both as a piece of my own family in a unique way. Thankful for that night I met you in Starbucks and then ran into you again and again in and around L'burg. Love you.

...is my special Canadian. You have weathered storms with me unseen, prayed from far, held my tears in bottles from halfway around the world....and this all mutually done. You've given me a kick in the pants when needed, as I've dealt out to you in equal parts, but never have I hurt from said kicks, only known love, sincerity and friendship. Ups and Downs and Social Network flubs notwithstanding, you are a gift and I'm thankful we "met." This friendship, I pray will remain a mainstay in my life for many years to come.

...the one who really tried desperately to push me away but failed time and time again. It's been 8 years since we met one fateful friday night. Your entrance into my life shifted everything. It helped me right a relationship with God that was on life-support through accountability of prayer, and friendship. We've seen each other through dark, dark nights and bright joyful moments...and our friendship has weathered those. It's two very broken sisters clinging to each other as we limp on in the journey and let our healer slowly tend our wounds. No greater gratitude can there be than to have a friend who comes along with reminders of "it's ok to be NOT ok" -- Grateful for the grace and mercy I've learned in and through our friendship.

...almost wasn't anymore. there are no words deep and far enough for the gratitude that one feels for something/someone almost lost...or actually really lost only to have it/them restored through a miraculous moment. I could write an entire post dedicated to our friendship, I think - the ways it has changed me, grown me, stretched me, taught me and moves me. This is testament to an ever-present grace in my life that cannot be explained except through something bigger than both you and I. I'm thankful to what God has done in both you and I in ways that words could never express. All I can offer is simple words and reminders of words and moments passed between us that are ours alone. Until the very end...and beyond that.

...are no longer a part of my life or diminished in part because of busy schedules, rifts that could not be repaired or just drifting.... Each of you have changed me, loved me and I have loved you. Because of this, you are and ever will be a part of me. I love that there are some of you who can still be considered friends, sisters, brothers and loves of my life in various ways. God gifted me something special in each person who loved me through time and each person I was allowed to love over time. I will never be the same woman I was even a year ago...and each friend, each hand in my life has been a part of growing that tapestry.

...feel forgotten because I've not described them in detail...you are not forgotten. I love you deeply, know precisely what you are to me and I cannot wait to tell you so in person or some special way that is unique and designed just for you. I love you.

Gratitude that runs bone-deep will never falter...and for my friendships - the love in my life, my gratitude goes deeper than bone. It is marrow-deep.


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