Wedding Musings

"Sometimes I love weddings. Sometimes I hate weddings." 

Today, I said that to a friend at the wedding I attended today. It's a true statement. Depends on where my heart is with God, how I feel about the idea of love, fairy tales and the whole she-bang on any given day. At 31, I've been to more than my share of weddings. I've been Bridesmaid twenty times over (maybe more like 17), House party attendee, friend, distant acquaintance, family friend, sister, and photographer. Weddings always kick start my thinking in a lot of ways. Here are a few random musings...

  • The soundtrack from Pride & Prejudice does make pretty spectacular processional music. I liked that in both weddings I've seen it in. 
  • It's odd and awkward to be the lone single in a group of couples attending a wedding. Especially when the DJ calls all the married couples out to the dance floor and your whole table leaves you there sitting alone. 
  • It's perfectly ok to sparkle. Anytime. And today, let me tell you, I did. :)
  • Pink is such a beautiful bridal color. There's something really feminine about it. 
  • I'm a wholesale advocate of wedding cake that doesn't taste like paste.
  • And red wine. The most amazing red wine ever. Cote de Rhone (I think.)
  • Seeing couples who've been married for more than 40 years on a dance floor is something that is so stunningly beautiful that it breaks my heart a little bit. 
  • Sometimes, I wish I had a steel cover for my heart on occasions like today. 
  • When Preachers say stupid stuff about marriage completing people, it makes me angry. It implies that single people are incomplete and that, my friends, is hogwash. 
  • Watching the flower girls and ring bearers at wedding always reminds me of how beautifully refreshing it is to see children exist in their freedom of inhibition, responsibility, and fear. There's a lesson to be learned there. 
  • Inevitably, my thoughts always turn to someone I wish were with me at weddings. Sometimes, it's a specific person, sometimes, it's just a faceless human. Tonight, it was both. 
  • Selfless love - weddings demonstrate that in a lot of ways. Serving love, that's a huge part of the day too, if it's a God-cerntered couple. I love that. It makes me remember what I've been holding out for for so long. 
  • Fairy tales....They're possible and even exist. I have absolute faith in that. The small issue is whether or not it will be true for me.  
  • The photo booth things is kinda cool...but also kinda odd. I think it's a fun idea, but what's the point of it?
  • Nothing more fun than watching people make fools of themselves on the dance floor. Especially when they can NOT dance. ha ha
  • Personally, I LOVE it when the B&G choose unique and special music for the processional and recessional. Non - Traditional is perfectly ok by me if they're going to play stuff I love. Also, it's the first wedding I've ever been to that featured a Band of Horses song. That is an epic win. 
  • Stained glass & Chandeliers. I want that in a wedding venue. 
  • Really don't think I want any bridal attendants, I certainly don't want them hovering, standing and staring at me. That's a weird thing. Give them chairs an let them be seated with the rest of everyone so they can see without having pained feet, a crick in their neck and beads of perspiration because they're having to stand in front of people...
  • In general, weddings are fun & I leave thoughtful and generally at peace. 


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