Week of Thankful 4.6

It's getting close to the last set of Thankful posts for this week. It's always so fun to read what I write each year, so I'll be looking forward to seeing what God does in me over the next 365. Today's post is simple. 

I'm thankful for the faith to hope.  
To still believe that after all the things and places I've walked through, there's good ahead...
To know that there are lights at the end of each tunnel...
that darkness is just for a season
...and seasons don't last forever. 

I believe that romance is real
True love will come for me, even though all I've known is heartache. 

I believe that there will be a day that the things God has said will come. 

I believe that it's ok to be hopeful & not to give up on my dreams.
No matter how scary or unrealistic they may be. 

I believe that the burdens He's given me will be for a purpose. 

I believe that He will bring justice and right every wrong. 

I believe that in my life, happy ever afters are waiting somewhere. 

I believe that in spite of rejection upon rejection...
and friends who constantly walk away, 
that someone will love me as God would desire me to be. 

I believe that beauty sometimes comes in the guise of tears
that turn into diamonds and treasures. 

I believe that God will always be faithful and 
let me down
and will keep His words. 

My hope is in God himself. 
in no man, but God Himself. 

And nothing can shake my hope in that. 
Whether lies from the enemy, 
Interfering, nosy people, 
naysayers or joy stealers, 
demons from past, 
brokenness, lies I tell myself, 
or anyone else's wish for my failure..
If God has spoken it, 
my hope lies in solid faith 
That GOD will do what He says, 
Because of who He is. 

I'm thankful for the fact that my Jesus has brought me to this place. 
Once upon a time, hope was a distant dream. 
But the dark He walked me out of....
Miracled me out of....
restored my hope and faith...
The hope and faith that belonged to the little girl heart I once knew. 
I"m thankful that He's given me back that heart. 


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