Happy Birthday Little Man!

4 Years ago, I celebrated my nephew Micah's 2nd Birthday with him - the first I got to spend with Little Man as we like to call him. It's four years later, and I'm firmly planted in Virginia and have had the special privilege of watching this little man grow up.

This is what he looked like when I was arrived:
(23 months with Daddy & Uncle Mike)

After a little while he became my little buddy and we did lots of fun together. HEre are a couple of my favorite Micah & Aunt Mandi pics: 

(Pajama days with Aunt Mandi!) 

He's grown into a handsome little fella. He's a sweet boy, sensitive to a fault at times, generous and He loves his family. He's 100% boy - loves light sabers, good guys vs. bad guys, legos, drawing, and wants to be an "arky-tech" when it gets big. His favorite colors are purple and pink (such a sensitive little guy). He loves to go to work with His daddy and visit Busch Gardens! I think his favorite foods are still nuggets, pasta and bread. He just might be a carb-o-holic. 

We are thankful for this little guy. I can't believe that he turns 6 years old today. I know, one day God is going to be Big in this little man's life - something I pray for daily. I love being his aunt. I love him dearly. 

(Pic 1: First day of Kindergarten! Pic 2: First LU Football game with his Daddy!)

Happy 6th Birthday, Micah!


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