Radically Single: Valentine's Day

There are generally three kinds of people you hear from on Valentine's Day.

1) There are the bitter, lonely hearts who feel it imperative to tell you how dumb a holiday it is. They insist that it's for "everyone" and "nothing special" or throw a wet blanket on every person's word about Valentine's day. They are the rain clouds of Valentine's Day, bringing doom and gloom with them everywhere they are. They need to remind you how miserable they are and feel quite uninhibited about sharing the wealth.

2) There are the attached (sometimes unattached), married or otherwise relationally monopolized (or polygomized...who knows?) who declare that Valentine's day is a "Commercial holiday" and shouldn't be celebrated with cards, candy or flowers because "I don't need to tell my S.O. that I love them on one day" - because apparently they shower their S.O. with affection every other day of the year (doubtful). At any rate, they poo-poo on romance and candlelit dinners or anything remotely planned. Instead they insist on staying home, eating leftovers and watching MASH reruns in rebellion of romance. They also bring their own kind of rain cloud to the party.

3) There are finally, the rest of us. Who love Valentine's day in all of it's cheese-ball, romantical, fun and often uplifting glory. Yeah, we're the ones smiling when we wake up and looking for something red or pink to wear. We're the ones who run to the card store looking for the perfect card for our special people - and that does NOT just include S.O.s. Yeah, they exist. Romantics at heart, people who love unreservedly and don't care that Hallmark makes bazillions of dollars off of that, because we understand that one day is special and fun to celebrate love - just like birthdays and there's nothing wrong with it.

Me? I fall into the last pile. In years' past I've fallen into the bitter sadness of the first, but dear friends who love me, family who kept right on showering me with candy hearts and cards reminded me over the years that Valentine's Day is fun. It's special. Flowers are fun to get. Cards are great encouragers, Candy is a fun treat to share, and hugs and kisses can be for people of all ages and sizes. This single gal, who has been single for every one of the last 31 years loves Valentine's Day more each year.

I declare a moratorium on Valentine's Day negativity. Enjoy the day, and if you don't, go get some chocolate, eat it with a friend and I dare you to remain negative.

And because I needed a sappy love song to fill out the rest of my night, Lifehouse's new single "Falling In" - which I happen to be unable to stop singing.


  1. I love this holiday too. And I love this song. Thanks for sharing. Mwwuuah!


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