Blog Drought

It has been five days since my last blog. Mea Culpa.

Currently, I'm staving off a cough that makes me sound something like Darth Vader's baby sister or a lifelong smoker, whichever, my throat is unhappy. Thankfully, the mack truck that ran over my head two nights ago did not return last night and for that, I'm much thankful.

A few days ago, Beth Moore challenged her twitter followers to go a 24 hour period without complaining or griping. And then, only taking legitimate complaints to Jesus. Talk about eye-opening and horrifying. It also made me see where my weakness is in negativity.

Facebook and Twitter are wonderful things but often a source of negative, narcissistic complaints. Since I started getting sick, and the fact that a friend couldn't make it to a concert we'd been talking about for awhile both hit on the same day, I decided to refrain from posting FB statuses or comments until I was well over the crud or able to make them about nebulous, non-selfish things. I started wading into some negativity yesterday but got a phone call from a friend who always lifts my spirits and was able to cry a bit and get over it, but by evening, again was whiney about being sick, and then God gave me a nice dose of perspective.

Kate McCrae. I've been following her story for months and praying for her. I don't know this little girl. But in the wave the latest news of return of cancer with no real treatment options for her precious 4 year old body....all of my whining faded to less than nothing.

At any rate, today I still sound like something out of a bad scary TV movie, and probably look like one, as nothing remotely like a mirror has crossed my eyes today - neither has a hairbrush, I might add. But I know that my God is good.

This week I got bad news, I got over it. I also got some unpleasant opinions of friends about something in my life. I received it without bitterness. Truth is, all the teensy stupidity in my life is really just that - Teensy stupid stuff and God is bigger than all of it, I trust Him to work things out when He works things out.

Blog drought is now over.


  1. Thanks for sharing, Amanda. I find this challenging. Also, I am glad that the blog drought is over because you are a good writer. Keep 'em coming.

  2. “My grace is sufficient for you, for power is perfected in weakness.” ~ 2 Corinthians 12:9


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