We Interrupt Your Regularly Schedule Blog...

...for a set of random things....

* Whole Foods is fantastic. Yesterday I was up in Charlottesville with mom and we stopped in for a few things we can't find here in the 'burg. The employees were super helpful. I felt like I was back 50 years where the nice employees would chat with you about your family, what you're really looking for. The guy I asked for Blood Orange Juice a)knew what I was talking about 2)gave me five suggestions when they were out of what I wanted. Super cool.

* Faithgirlz was last night and I love this ministry so much! We had 106 girls!!! That's the highest attendance ever! God is definitely up to something there.

* Can't wait for this weekend! The Civil Wars concert, a Baby Shower to host, and maybe some time with my friend. Oh please, Oh PLEASE, whatever Snow is supposed to happen on Thursday, GO AWAY. If you flippin ruin things, I'm going to have a real southern-girl fit. - I will confess it later and be remorseful, but, it's gonna happen. :)

* Finished Book 2 of the Mortal Instruments Series. I'm hooked. This is not looking great for me finishing reading the articles I need for class. Thanks a lot, Alicia.

* I want Chic-Fil-A, thanks to a friend who posted a blog just mentioning the company. And, since I've sworn off Fast Food (Pizza does NOT count) for 2011, well...now, of course I crave waffle fries and a chicken sandwich. Resistance must happen...but I'm wondering if it's futile.

* For those of you who missed the Star Trek reference above, I forgive you. You can be part of the un-nerd culture. And heck, if a boy says "I like that about you" in reference to my nerd-ness....well of course, I'm good with that too. :D

* Why are baby girl clothes so flippin' awesome??? I was shopping for baby girl things yesterday and I had so many "awww" and squeaky cute fits that I think I might have turned back the clock and reverted to 13 again.

* Today I shall most likely watch movies, read and drink Hot Tea all day because, well, I'm unmotivated to do much else. Especially now that my room is tidy. :)

* Someone mark the calendar, because as I was out this morning, i could NOT decide on music for my mood....it was a weird thing. I settled on Kings of Leon for the cleaning part of my day...but even now, not sure what to listen to next....

* Listening to Matt Chandler's latest series on Habakkuk and I am continually blown away. Get on itunes, look up The Village Church and download them. Start with the first, and move forward. I wept when I heard the second one yesterday.

* alrighty, so I think I've unloaded most everything I wanted to....I shall return to Radically Single in coming days! :)


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