30 Days of Gratitude 1.5. 1/2

I was just sitting here thinking of something else that I'm thankful for late on this evening. I'm working on a paper, but a few stray thoughts wondered into my mind's eye....so here's a few more for posterity's sake. 

~ I'm thankful for conversations with Little Man. This week they went like this:

Me: "I love you, Little Man".... Little Man: "I love you too...more than chocolate" (and the boy loves him some chocolate)

"God is my best love. He's the one I love more than anyone" (who doesn't want to hear a little kid say that?)

"What are you talking about? Indiana is Real, but not Indiana Jones, Aunt Mandi." (Oy nerdness)

*singing* "Don Giovanni, Don Giovanni is an opera by Mozart....about ghost" (He sang about an opera. Love that kid)

"I ate my tooth!" And gave me a BIG grin with his toothless hole. ha ha.

me: "Don't you ever mistreat girls, little man. Aunt Mandi will have to talk to you if you do. You will not treat girls like the boys have treated me."...*with big wide eyes looking up, a little scared* "No I won't. I like girls."

*bedtime prayer* "Dear God, thank you for today. Thank you that Aunt Mandi got to come play and for listening to us and we love you a lot, Amen."

Me: "I love you." LM: "I love you too. A lot."

~ Not much that does my auntie's heart better. He's cute and precocious and growing into a gentleman. He is handsome and funny. We have a grand time together. I love him. And He loves me. I think too, that his love is putting pieces of me back in place.

~ I'm thankful for that little boy. For his tender spirit and loving heart. And our conversations.


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