30 Days of Gratitude, 1.3

30 days of gratitude. I decided to do this while I was in the middle of writing final papers. What was I thinking? ha! Ah well. I will see this through. And when I'm done, you'll get smatterings from the idea for a book I have. More on that to come though....

Day 3:
Today = insanely busy. I woke up at 7:15 after a long and fun day, but still long. I had grand ambitions of getting more writing done for my paper - didn't happen. When I stared down the barrel of the day, I realized it was jammed full of one thing right after another. Time at BRCC, Lunch, Job Interview, Picking up Little Man from school, Dinner with my professor & class to close the semester, and watching a movie with my brother. Yes, it seems as if that's more enjoyment than not, and it was a fun day, believe me. But it was BUSY. I was ready to sit and turn my brain off at the end of the day. I crawled into bed and passed out again just like the night before. I think the emotional stress has caught up with me finally and exhaustion is hitting me like a baseball bat to the body. But there's a lot to be thankful for in this day.

1) Waking up & getting dressed, I couldn't find my belt and was late. But I'm thankful for that because it made me truly think about what I was wearing and reminded me to grab my Nepal scarf on the way out the door.

2) Because of my lateness, I swung by the coffee shop to get a cup of my favorite Ugandan brew & was told I looked so pretty, the scarf was lovely & was just generally encouraged by my friend, Rebecca. Good start to the morning. - Oh and I was super thankful to have a double Chocolate Chip Muffin fresh from the oven. Holy Moley, those things are delish!

3) Arrival at BRCC meant that I saw my Bestie. She is always truly delighted to see me & gives me the best hugs. I was so thankful for that - as I am every single time I see her.

4) Being at the front desk at BRCC means I get a parade of people who I know, care about & who care about me. It's a great gift that I'm thankful I get to do twice a week.

5) After that, I had a friend offer to make me lunch before my job interview. So I got to go see a squishy, smiley baby, eat some yummy foods & laugh with my friend. I also was thankful for sweet encouragement about freedom from emotional manipulation & someone who cared enough to tell me the truth of things even though it hurt. I'm so thankful for those things.

6) It was my Wifey's birthday! So I got to talk to her and hear her sweet smile on the phone. I also got to make plans with her to watch an 80's flick and curl up on the couch at her in-laws in a few weeks. Excited am I & thankful that her in-laws.

7) Picking up Little Man has been the highlight of my last two weeks. Getting a few minutes of nephew time is fun. He's a cutie and says the most fun things. Yesterday this conversation happened.
Me: "I love you, Little Man."
Little Man: "I love you too....more than chocolate...."
I melted away with gratitude.

8) Indian food & discussion about higher education. Need I be thankful for anything more?

9) Spent some time talking with my thesis advisor about getting my thesis rolling. Exciting? Yes.

10) Captain America with my brother - I'm so thankful that my brothers have fostered my love of superheros and movies. And that we can still hang out, watch movies and enjoy some laughs even if we love the movies.

11) Planning to see the Avengers with my brosef at midnight tomorrow night! Woohoo!

12) I'm thankful for a long & busy day. It has been full of happiness and joy. I'm thankful to shake off the things that held me back, held me down and beat down my spirit. Moving on, freeing the love from the chains that held it.

13) Threw in one of my mix cds I made recently & I just love the song "Part of Me" by Katy Perry. I'm thankful it came out at this season in my life. Between that song and "Unbroken" & "Skyscaper" by Demi Lovato, I'm going to sing loud & demand my own happiness. Just because it was stolen from me, destroyed by outsiders....I will have it back. I already do. And I'm thankful that I'm strong enough to get it back all by myself.

14) God pursues me. He's shown me over and over again how He's done that in the last couple of weeks. I'm thankful for that.

Day 3 was a good day full of things to be thankful for. I'm so full of gratitude and joy this morning. Hoping you are too. 


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