30 Day Gratitude Challenge 1.24-1.25

Yesterday and Today, my gratitude is coming at you in pictures. Hope you enjoy the post.

Sweet V - a victim of sex-trafficing in Managua, Nicaragua. She was a gift for a few day. 

The view at Masaya Volcano in Managua, Nicaragua. Thankful God let me see this sight while there.

The moon and the sunset are my two favorite skies. This picture was a gift of both. 

The kids worshipping at Trust Home in Pokhara, Nepal. I'm thankful I got to worship with them. 

Three little fellows I met at Trust Home. I fell in love with them & I'm thankful for my lil Uno buddies. 

Nephew #4. Precious face. 

Nephew #3 - the lil Stinker. :) 

Nephew #2 - the lil precocious one. (and photo creeper)

A memory to be thankful for. 

Words from Beth Moore that remind me to hang on to my own security and dignity.

Yellow earrings - a gift from a sweet friend. I love earrings in general. 

Quote from a favorite movie & my favorite city in the world. 

Nephew #1 - the little man. (he's a stinker too)

my beautiful mama. She's a tough lady who's been through a lot. I hope I can smile at things like her in the aftermath of struggle like she's walked in. 

my small group girls (some of them) - the gather themselves on sundays. <3 their hearts. 

art that speaks to my heart. This painting won't escape my mind even still. 

Hot air balloon sighting this last sunday on the way to BRCC. I Love hot air balloons. I want to take a ride someday with someone I love. 

One of my favorite bracelets. I love it. 

Important words. 

Gifts from Nepal for someone. They sit on my shelf waiting. 

My new Hunger Games necklace! So fun. :) 

Sunsets from our back porch. 

Storms in the distance are beautiful. 

Funny text messages me and my friends have. (yes I'm the one in the gray). 

all in all, there are these things and far more that I'm thankful for. I love the things I have, I love the God who gave them to me. thankful for being alive, for being granted grace in abundance. 



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