Some Days are Brighter

Some days are brighter than others.

When the sun breaks through the colds and warms my soul down to a core place. When hope peeks around the corner like an impish child beckoning your hesitant feet.

Some days are just like that.

There's an ease to breathing, when the pain has subsided to a faded memory. When smiles break across your face without warning, without cause, but just because there's a creeping happiness starting to formulate somewhere down inside.

Some days...

There's a light flickering in your eyes that was fading away before. There's peace after days and days of storms and weary fighting.

Maybe it was being broken beyond repair I could manage on my own. Maybe it was surrender to that. Maybe it was resting. Maybe it's being still and letting God cover all of that. I think that maybe, just's that last one.

I'm not giving up, I'm just quieting my soul. Resting my spirit under the Mighty. Climbing up under the Rock of Refuge and letting the storm rage outside while He mends my broken pieces. Not giving up, just giving my trust to the One who deserves it.

And tonight...this song crept into my heart like a ray of sunshine....

Tonight, my soul has found a sweet rest for herself.


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