It's Just One of Those Days

Sometimes you just have a day that you're sad. The reasons why don't even matter on those days. It's just the way the day goes. Sunshine, puppies and cute kids can only temporarily lift a smile to your face. 

On those days, it's time to run to the Refuge. The place my soul finds rest. I ache with need for arms stronger than mine, a heart greater than mine to rest on, and life brighter than mine to indwell me. It's good to know that each of those things and so much more exist at my behest. 

So running I go. And the sadness ebbs. It doesn't go away, but diminishes in a secure place. The tears can fall if they like, but in a safe and secure place. There have been so few safe places and people in my life. So to have safety & security for a weary's peace-giving. 

Just a moment of honesty. It's just one of those days when the sadness caught me by the hand. I welcomed it like an old friend. I'm resting in better hands and an even Older Friend. Deeper Magic awaits my weary and melancholic heart. 


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