I'm Worth a Unicorn

A few years ago, a friend of mine were lamenting the lack of any available Godly men in our lives. I jokingly said, that those kinds of men are mythological creatures, like unicorns. We, of course, laughed for quite some time at the silliness and yet ringing truth of this. Which led to other hilarity wherein I likened single men into other things - blind mice, unicorns and dinosaurs.

Blind Mice - those single men in the church who whine about there being no single godly women available for them to marry when, in fact, there are a plethora of them around. They just won't date them because they're not model-perfect or won't give them the time of day. Truth is, these men can't see the beauty in the women of God around them.

Unicorns - the mythological creature. These are the single, available (emotionally and literally), man enough to ask a woman on a date, with eyes to actually see women. Truth is, these are so rare, that when a woman sees them, she is so demure and reserved because she's afraid she'll scare it away. And off they flit on their way to some other pasture.

Dinosaurs - these being the chivalrous men, who want to date a lady, want to woo her, etc. But more than that, are clear about their intentions, without some vague 'friends' label mucking up the dynamic of the hearts and people involved. These are extinct. And by extinct, I mean married or have been married twenty or more years.

I was silly when I came up with these categories. And maybe they're still true. I don't even know anymore. I've been caught in some hard places relationally and nothing really makes sense anymore, if I'm honest. Pretend relationships, insincere words, mucked up lines of definition, hearts tangled, smashed and battered. Let's be honest about things though...I don't want to be with a man like that.  I don't want to be ignored, shoved aside, mocked, or demeaned. I deserve so much better, I've learned.

What I've learned is that I'm worth a Unicorn. God says so. In Zechariah, God says that I am a prized possession of his that he will avenge when I am harmed. He calls me the apple of His eye. He tells me He loves me, enough to trade nations for me (Isaiah), He demonstrated His love for me that he DIED for me while I was an enemy (Romans). He calls me his poem, his work of art (Ephesians) and His Beloved (Hosea). He calls me HIS (Isaiah).

HE gives me my worth. And in His heart, in HIS hands, I am worth a Unicorn.

And maybe I'll never get that. But that's ok. Don't I have more than enough in all the worth and value that God gives me? You better believe I do.

 No power or element on this earth determines my worth. No human determines my worth...not even myself. My worth has been declared, and purchased at Calvary.

I'm worth a Unicorn. And even if one never finds me....I'm still worth it.


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