A Week to be Thankful For

This week, there is much to be thankful for, here is some of what I wrote down to be thankful for:

- A moon so bright it reflects off of the steering wheel car emblem onto my face on a cool, dark night drive home.

- Sunshiney Rain Showers reminding me that God is just powerful enough for rain and sun at the same time.

- Text messages backed by affection sent to encourage a bleeding heart.

- My new work family and the beauty I find in the rich tapestry of each soul set into my life for this time.

- Huge puffy white clouds against a blue sky floating easily over the Blue Ridge Mountains.

- Beautiful baby feet, hands and smiles. Even if just for a short time, they are more than enough to keep this world spinning and this heart believing in hope.

- The heart of a poet, bleeding, sharing and growing deeper in faith.

- A friend who's almost as good as a nap.

- Speaking of, naps are pretty glorious and enough to deserve some gratitude.

- Fireworks over a wedding reception.

- Anticipation of things to come...soon.

- Tears. Sadness. Weeping. They cleanse a heart.

- The fact that we can ask questions - hard questions - to God. And I'm thankful that I can rest Him, He's faithful enough to be trusted in those hard places.

- The example of beauty my beautiful Mother sets for me. She is the lovliest woman I know.

- Hugs that heal. Hugs that comfort. Hugs that remind you of love. Hugs that restore. Hugs that encourage. Hugs that offer friendship. Hugs that are simply hugs. Hugs that mean far more...and even imaginary hugs too. :)

- Romance.

- Singing at the top of my lungs on an afternoon drive.

- The smell of fall in the air.

- the "unexplainable" stuff.

- Good Coffee.

- The relationship with my brothers. I love that they text me and love on me in their own individual ways. :)

- My nephews' voices. Nothing in this world is sweeter to my ears.

- Bad days. They make me appreciate the good ones so much more.

- Good days - because I've had enough bad days to know the difference.

- Laughter, jokes and teasing with friends.

- Freshly laundered clothing.

- The sweet, all-encompassing smell of life. Life.


I'm so thankful. So full of contendedness. I've know need and excess....and in both, I've grown to learn contentment in those things. I've known weeping and dancing...and contentment in both. I've known loneliness and love...and I'm content in both. My heart is full and I'm content....if my heart were empty again, I'd be content. Tonight I am thankful and words seem a paltry offering....


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