Saturday Evening Unload

- Realized I've not blogged in almost a week. Fail, Amanda. Get it together. :)

- My hair is having an awesome day. Thank the hair gods of Uncle Jesse. (yes that was a Full House reference)

- Today I cleaned. It was fun. Maybe I should do that more often.

- Security in myself is a beautiful thing. I see the beauty of that in myself now. God is so cool.

- Books for school are going to have to be bought soon.....I dread the day.

- It's interesting what makes me feel dressed up. Eyeliner, hoops and more than one layer. ha!

- Sunset is calling me tonight, I think.

- Got a new book shelf today. So excited to start putting stuff on that sucker! wooo! :)

- Heard the new Switchfoot single today. Man oh Man. It's good. Dark Horses. Check it out. Good times.

- Burt's Bees is still my first lip love. My Burt's blessing: "May your pocket ever be full of Burt, may it never melt in a hot car, fall to the dryer gods or down the toilet of doom. And may your lips be ever herby, moist and kissable."

- Watched a stupid movie today called "You Again"...but I was surprised at the ridiculousness of women. Do girls really behave this way? It makes me ashamed to be a female a little bit. But nothing makes me more ashamed of my gender than "Bridezillas" - I vote for removing their "Female" card from those girls. Seriously.

- Sometimes you get an email that leaves you stunned. I got one of those today. Need to write a response quickly.

- This girl wants to see a movie. Soon. :)

- I think AT&T is on crack. For serious.

- Man, I really wish I could go see Wicked in October, but I really would rather go see The Civil Wars. :D True story. Twice in one year, yes please.

- Been singing "We're only Getting Better" By Joshua Radin all day. good tune. Take a listen:

-- Not much else to say...or a lot more really, but I'm keeping the rest of it to myself.


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