My Mind is a Sieve

* Tonight, my mind is a sieve and random things are pouring out.

* Cathedrals. Stained Glass. London. Thames River. Exploring. I want to do that again.

* Getting up early is for the birds. Literally...I don't like it.

* On some levels, I think our whole life and existence is a search for beauty.

* Ever felt so happy that you feel like you might explode? I feel that way about life in general right now. God is good, Life is yummy and I want to eat it all up.

* God works things out in the strangest ways sometimes.

* Tonight, I can't stop singing "Eclipse (I'm All Yours)" by Metric....but the acoustic version. And sadly, the only versions on Youtube I can find are connected with Eclipse, the movie.

* "So what do you want me to call you?" -- Probably my favorite question of the week. My answer: "Whatever you want to"...and I might have added "just as long as you never stop."

* The sunset tonight was breath taking. I took so many pictures with my phone...far too many to be not annoying. But I was stunned.

* Patty Griffin really has a stellar voice. I love soothing sounds on a rainy day.

* Almond Joy Lattes. My new favorite drink.

* Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows II. Dang. Good. Movie.

* Got my first book for classes yesterday. Oy. Vey. Let me just say....Good bye to enjoyment reading.

* Can I go to the Biltmore soon? And Harry Potter World? And Seattle? And London? And Spain? ....and and and.....

* My heart is settled, content, full of gratitude and completely at peace. Best thing ever.

* Gotta get my student loan acceptance letter in to the Fin Aid office. Money is much needed.

* Life is yummy. The end.


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