Thankful Thursday (ed. 2.1)

Once upon a time, in another blog-land there existed this thing called "Thankful Thursdays" and it was the best way that God changed my heart and inclined it to a place where it looked a wee bit more like His own. I'm re-installing this tradition here on this blog. In that once upon a time, I looked forward to each Thursday and writing on thankfuls, I am again. Let's get moving!

Today, I'm Thankful for....

...a spicy, honey sweetened chai tea served to my door by a sweet mama worried about my po' lil tummy.

...Coming home to a series of episodes of Criminal Minds (a favorite show, almost like comfort food in an odd way)

...a day of retail therapy, laughter, relaxation, encouragement and God-talk with my lovely parents.

...the lesson of relying on God for full comfort, letting Him come in when I need comfort instead of depending on any leaves nothing but beauty for me to see each day.

...Glorious sunsets after serious thunderstorms.

...Maggiano's and Creme Brulee for lunch! YUM!

...Romans 8:1 & Aaron Keyes song "Not Guilty Anymore"

..."Burn Us Up" by Shane & Shane. Yeah, that song is my jam. Love it.

...Answered prayer - it is so cool to get to be a part of what God's doing in anything. Man, what an incredible privilege!

...Fall. It's here. I smell it, I sense it, I taste it, I see it happening all around me. I love fall with all of my heart. Taste it, breathe it, experience it. Time to pull out my hoodies and slightly cooler weather shoes. :) Hooray!

...Ideas. I have ideas pouring into and through my head like water. Design, creative things, stories, poems....all of it. I just am full of ideas.

...Sales. I got a bang up deal on a bag for school today. So amazing I can't even talk about it, it's so awesome. :)

...Cuddly blankets, the hope of a new TV (eeeeee!) and shopping for furniture! Exciting.

...Bedtime. I love me some sleepy-ness. Ok, pillow, let's do this thing! :)


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