Shoe Shopping....except it's not really about shoes.

Every time I hit a local department store, I see these shoes and I drool.

Yeah, they're hawt, I know. I love them. I haven't bought them yet, but I know I will own them someday. They're the right shoe for me.

So, Even in spite of this, I go to the department store, and I look around, pick up other shoes, and really kind of like other shoes too, but nothing really compares to those sparkly pumps for me. They fit right, they'll look great and make my legs look amazing too.

Thing is, I'm kind of dealing with that right now but not with shoes. There's 'shoes' that I want, but I can't have it yet. And there's other shoes on the shelf. So I'm looking at those too, but the reality of it is, that I don't want any other shoes. I want the one that is the right fit, the right style. Just like shoe shopping, though you have to sometimes keep going and hope that maybe the other shoes might work too. But the reality of it is, nothing really compares to the other shoes.

I know what shoes I want. God knows what shoes I want. But I'm still submitting myself to Him in case the shoes that I want are not the shoes that would be bet for me.

In the mean time, though, I have to wrestle with not comparing every other shoe to the best shoes I've found in awhile.

And that's that.


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