You Can't Keep a Storm From Coming

This Friday will be two weeks from the storm that nearly blew away with my city. It left nearly the entire city crippled, without power, some without water and most without a clue as to how to exist in the 'dark ages,' as some called it. I wrote about what God showed me in a previous blog, but today I went with my family for a drive to see the more hard-hit parts of town.

It hasn't been that long, but power has been restored, people are back to work, hot showers, and other first world conveniences. In fact, the one part of the city that had an entire neighborhood and road blocked because of heavy damage was, as we drove through, by all appearances back to absolute normal. It was as if the storm never blew through. There were some piles of branches, some damaged trees here and there. One location had tarps over roofs that had been damaged, some tree limbs still hanging or fallen on the ground, but mostly cleaned up. You would have never known the storm come through.

Nothing could have stopped those winds from bringing down the trees it did. My dad stood on our back porch at one point in pointless effort attempting to hold down a hefty pergola from flying off our deck. It didn't get lifted off, but it did get some damage from being slid around like a toy on a leash of a big kid. Hurricane force winds are not to be trifled with. Even the most stalwart creations, strong oak trees, toppled - some from roots and some just snapped. Sometimes even the strongest can snap.

I think I understood this storm differently because of that analogy. Let it come. Let the storm come and break what it must, dash away the parts and pieces that need to be taken. Let the winds bring the change and healing that need to come. Let the storm come....because you can't keep it from coming. The healing doesn't leave you unscathed, just like our beautiful city, but the healing...and restoration...sometimes that's a more beautiful process. And it leads to a brighter light replacing the dim ones knocked out by a storm.

This week, this song has been ringing in my ears. Bouncing off the walls of my heart like a ping pong ball. I'm gonna let love through my any shape or form it comes. It's a beautiful thing...storms, are a beautiful thing. Don't run away from them.

"Storm Comin’"
When that storm comes
Don’t run for cover
Don’t run from the comin’ storm cause there ain’t no use in runnin’

When that rain falls
Let it wash away
Let it wash away, that falling rain, the tears and the trouble

When those lights flash
You’ll hear that thunder roar
Will you listen to that thunder roar and let your spirit soar

When that love calls
Will you open up your door
You gotta stand on up and let it in, you gotta let love through your door

When that storm comes
Don’t run for cover
Don’t run from the comin’ storm
Cause you cant keep a storm from com in’


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