The Truth is...

I have found that I say some form of "the truth is" or "here's the deal" to people a lot when trying to explain things. Once I was asked what I want to be remembered for. I want to be remembered for truth pouring out of every bit of me. I want to be remembered for loving and showing grace, too, of course. But I value truth so very much. Here are some truths that I have discovered in recent years:

The truth is....

...words can hurt or heal more easily than we care to admit or are willing to take responsibility for.

...I've discovered that sunshine, cream soda, tears, a hot shower, a cozy blanket and freshly shaved legs can cure just about any ill in this world.

...leaders have got to be cultivated, even if they are naturally leaders.

...exclusivity in the Body of Christ is the antonym of what Christ calls us to be and I've encountered it far too many times.

...questions don't necessarily mean you're bucking authority, it just means you're inquisitive.'s better to err on the side of grace rather than legalism because it was the pharisees that Christ vehemently condemned for their religiosity not the sinners for their failings.

...footnotes are fun things, but a pain in the neck to write.

...there aren't enough Greek restaurants in the world. is the most invigorating thing to my soul and the thing that broadens perspective quicker than anything.

...children love without condition, without reservation and without fear. I want to love like that. for any mood can be found, listened to and repair your heart. is healing...and God heals through demonstrating His own character in that beauty.

...some days, kindness is the most healing thing a person can experience, aim for that. can exist and not really live. You can survive without a great many things - but to live.... is the most beautiful, painful, transcendent, life-giving and amazing thing you can experience.


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