Things banging around my head this morning

- I write about perspective a lot. Mostly because it's talking to myself about changing my own perspective. I think living a happy life is a lot about choosing that perspective and not getting bogged down in other stuff.

- If I walk through this life knowing nothing more than the extravagant Grace of God, then I've known far more than I deserve, more than I could ask for, and much more than I could hope for. May I be passionate about this Grace and giving it out to others.

- I get stuck in the Romans 7 cycle far too often. Without the aforementioned grace along with the "Therefore" of Romans 8:1, I'd live in misery. So thankful for that.

- Ryan Adams is genuinely one of my favorite musicians. His cover of Oasis' Wonderwall is so viscerally honest and stripped bare that I get lost each time I hear it.

- This statement in Woody's sermon yesterday stopped me from processing anything else yesterday: "Fear of disappointment makes us ask for less, expect less, & experience less of God." - I am still reeling from the realization that this is entirely true of me.

- The world deals with things vastly differently than Christ followers do.

- I like the dude's voice in The National. I think his voice is perfect for a rainy, dreary day.

- My nook died yesterday at Barnes & Noble in C'ville. But interestingly, the guy who was helping me out reminded me of someone I loved once. There is a movie line that says that a woman's heart is a deep ocean. True, when it comes to love, emotion and heart....there are deep trenches of emotion that we often just move past, not really refilling. I believe that that when once you love someone, no matter what happens to the relationship, you love them always on some level.

- Diversity is something I love. Spending the day in Charlottesville made me realize how much I miss it. I need to get out of the 'burg more often.

- Time to start reading for classes again. Hoping to get 3-4 books out of the way this week. Here's hoping.

- I leave for Nepal in about 6 weeks. This...I can't quite process that. When this happens, I will have only need to step onto two more continents in order to have been to every one of the six inhabitable ones. I can't believe I've been so many places!

- Trusting God in a big way to support me, financially. I need 550 by Sunday. I don't have a clue how that's going to happen.

- For that matter, I need to trust God big this week in a lot of ways, but who doesn't, really?


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