Thankful Thursday (ed. 2.2)

It is technically Thursday, but I'm just not posting it until Friday, so sorry about that. Off we go!

Today I'm Thankful for....

- tennis shoes. Look, I'm a girl. I love stylish high heels, cute ballet flats, and sandals. I also adore flip flops. However, I just love strapping on a pair of tennis shoes to get me through a long day of work or to run, walk or generally be crazy. Today, I did all of that. I am so thankful for tennis shoes.

- a friend with good taste in music. Alicia not only has good taste in music but she also shares it with me regularly. Thank You, Dropbox for increasing the musical language of our friendship. This week, Matt Nathanson & OneRepublic's newest albums made appearances in my iTunes library thanks to the bestest Canadian in the world.

- ball-cap breakfasts. this doesn't mean anything to you, I know. But to me, getting up super early and having a ball cap on my head and eating breakfast with my favorite man in the world - that's the start of a good day. My dad is so awesome, and so supportive. He also has the most brilliant quotes.

- loving other people. even when I give and give and get nothing in return - mostly the reward comes in deep places when God whispers, "you are doing what I asked you to." It still stings some to give love and not know any gratitude for it, but I know I'm being the woman God called me to be, loving in sacrifice the way He called me to and that although it feels like the loneliest place on earth, I know this is a special gift God has given to me.And I don't love in order to receive, I love only to love. I'm thankful for the stings, the struggle and the lonely path. It is a place where I learn more of Him - because ultimately real love is sacrifice and not about me. Such a good thing.

- history. I started grad school this week. Eesh. I'm drowning already and I haven't even gotten seven days in. But it's just a season of drowning. I can do this. I feel a little bit like the Little Engine that Could "I think I can, I think I can, I think I can." -- I'm so thankful for the encouragement that's come in the last few days. It's been very necessary.

- sunglasses. I have a little bit of a problem with buying them...last week I bought two new pair and I love them. I am so thankful for stylish and sometimes practical and fun sunglasses. I think they just suit my personality on different days. And beyond that, sometimes I just feel happier putting on a pair of ridiculous sunglasses. Nothing lifts my mood like that. :)

- weekend. I've busted my tail all week with reading and such. I'm going to keep on, but I am looking forward to some time with my friends in Richmond and breathing easier a bit and not thinking about historiography and such. I'm totally going to eat some yummy food, find some gelatto or something equally yummy and enjoy this weekend. I can't wait. So thankful for the opportunity to relax after the first rather stressful week.

- laundry days. Today is a laundry day and those are my favorite days. Seriously. I'm a freak, I know. But I love washing and folding clothes. It's kinda relaxing. Ok. Since that's the thing, I'm going to get busy doing while I read.

- feeling like crap. (friday addition) Today, I woke up with cramps, a sore throat, eyes glued together from not sleeping enough, a headache from the book that smacked me in the head last night, and over all just feeling pretty crappy. Why am I thankful for this? Because ultimately, not every day is like this. :) And because when the day turns around, which it WILL, it's going to be so cool! And even if it doesn't turn around, I can be super thankful to be able to hug my pillow again tonight. :) Beyond that, I'm just thankful for bad days because it makes the good days that much better.

- technology. (friday addition) Not gonna lie, this day has seen more frustration with technology than humanly possible. I'm ready for my phone to work properly. But all in all, really, I am thankful for technology. When it's not working, it makes things irritating, but when it is working, it's nice to be able to be connected to someone far away or even near by who can't see you too often. I am truly thankful for technology

- fridays. Even when you work, there is something special about Friday to be thankful for. The only thing i can think of to NOT be thankful for about Fridays is that dumb Rebecca Black song about Friday. Guh. Can I pull an "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" on that song so it is not even a distant memory but an erased memory? Please?

- mail. I love getting mail. Personal mail, that is. It doesn't happen often, but when it does, I feel a bit as if I won the lottery. It's pretty awesome. I'm thankful for the people who do that. And I'm thankful to send mail to people too. Because I know how I feel when I get something with my name handwritten on it...I can imagine the joy it brings them. Thank makes me thankful.

- naps. Do I need to say more, really? Naps are glorious. So thankful for them.


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