most things and maybe more than that

  • Well, it's another bullety-blog. Bullet blogs are like that plug that you release when changing the oil in your car. It allows for all the excess to fall out of your head. Every now and again, it's just good to do that. 
  • This is perhaps one of my most favorite blog titles ever. 
  • Ever had a moment when, like a lightening bolt, you realize that someone has taught you how to love without even trying?
  • Seems like it might be a good time to begin listening to Keith Urban again. 
  • Women around the world break my heart the way they clamor for men's attention, and their own value in the opinion of the men around them. It wrenches my heart. 
  • Some things should be sacred. And I've learned that lesson. 
  • My eyes are going to fall out from all the reading I have to do for my classes. But I'm thankful for constant encouragement from family and friends. So thankful. 
  • My phone stays mostly silent these days, as in...I think my text messages may or may not be getting to me. And I have no real way of knowing. 
  • Working through the design ideas in my living space. I'm trying to make it an inviting and cozy, yet bright and airy place. It'll get there eventually. But I'm tossing ideas back and forth. Any of you brilliant designers are welcome to give input. 
  • It would seem that I just thought that I would get to sleep after I quit working third shift. Wrong. Grad school is stealing my sleep and my life like they are something tremendously valuable. Yeah. They are. But I imagine I'm not going to see my friends or family much for about two years. 
  • Some conversations are so confusing. 
  • This week has been an eternity of reading. Tonight I'm taking a break. Maybe tomorrow too. 
  • Today I spent some good time with a good friend. I was reminded that God is in the business of restoration, redeeming and re-creating broken things. It's what He's in the business of doing. 
  • During the same time, I was chewed on by a pretty baby girl for a little while. Teething babies crack me up. 
  • It is only in the mysterious equations of love that any logic or reason can be found. {A Beautiful Mind}
  • Fear is tremendously debilitating. And anyone holding fears of any kind is not living a free life. The life that Christ died to give us. We were not given fear as an inheritance, but freedom!
  • There's more....but whew. I'm just so tired. lol. :)


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