Selfless Love

A Few days ago, I saw this tweet by Tim Keller, "Selfishness makes everything else a means to an end." It is so true - even in trying to be someone's friend or support. Since returning from Nicaragua, my heart has been sitting deeply in the idea in Romans 12:5 that everyone in the body belongs to one another. The women freed because of Christ and the House of Hope from lives of sexual slavery are desperately in need of each other because of their common history. There is no condemnation, no judgement among them, and no selfishness - only love and support.

This week, as I have observed friends breaking to pieces and the people who are supposed to be supporting them only thinking of themselves and their own struggles, I find that to be the ugliest thing of all. Personally, when my friends hurt and are struggling, I am sorrowful, I hurt and I break for them. But I carry it to Jesus and think nothing of my own issues, my own junk or my own anything.

Love is called to be self-less and if I love someone - it's about THEM, not about me. To carry any view of self when supporting someone through their hard and dark moments is useless to the gospel and useless to the person you should be ministering to. The Gospel in of itself is a message of self-less & sacrificial love and how are we to convey this with any focus towards self?

Even to worry about your own inadequacy to support someone is still selfish and prideful. Shut down the pride, release your junk and SHOW the love God showed you. And you know the most glorious thing about this? Loving someone else selflessly in and through their brokenness, you will discover what it looks like to be loved by God yourself.

Selfless love. Sacrificial love. Agape love. That's real love.

"Greater love has no one than this, that one lay down his life for his friends." ~ John 15:13


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