Today the verdict in the Casey Anthony trial came through. Everyone was immediately in an uproar crying for justice, saying the 2 year old Caylee would never have justice served on her behalf and on and on. Yes, I think that something went horribly awry in the carry out of criminal justice in the midst of that trial. But after a week in Nicaragua meeting little girls who'd been sold into forced sex slavery, sitting at the bedside of a friend who lost her second child in the span of five years before they were even born or a variety of other things, I thought...you know, this world is broken and every day, justice is not served for someone.

Not for J, the little girl who was stolen from her home, and sold for $7.50 for her entire life.

Not for V, who's empty eyes with dark bags under her eyes tell a story of horrors you cannot begin to imagine.

Not for A, the five year old who was rescued only to be stolen and returned to slavery just a few short months later.

Not for my friend who is losing faith after back to back tragedies in her life.

Not for the millions of babies who lose their lives before they are even born because of the "choice" that the law gives their parents.

Not for the hundreds and thousands of children victimized by abusive men and women around our nation.

Not for the starving children around the world who barely have food to exist, let alone a home to live in.

Not for the Continent-wide AIDS epidemic in Africa that affects children before they are old enough to walk and no hope of medical aid.

I could go on and on....in our Human estimation, Justice has not been served...and really, maybe in this lifetime, it never will be. But I have to trust that God is a God of Justice, and He allows things to happen. He allows this world to be broken....what His purposes are, we cannot fathom. The key element is that this is all in our human estimation...in Divine Estimation....there's something more going on. And one day, I trust that we will fully know Justice...that all of these weak and dying children will see Justice done by a Might God on their behalf. Until then...I pray, Come, Lord Jesus, Come.


  1. Very spot on! Watching the outcry for justice in the Casey Anthony case is a lesson in the true nature of humanity. In the human sense, justice, is only just when popular opinion agrees with the outcome. True Justice, on the other hand is just because it is not dependent on the majority opinion of the day, nor is it subject to the whims of media manipulation. True Justice, can only come from the One who set the stars in place and defined the order of the universe.

    My heart breaks for those who cry in the night for justice, and find none in this life. If we truly cared about justice and not just prosecuting someone who (as a perfect representative of our culture) we find disgusting because they are showing us the parts of our culture that we dislike so strongly, then we would be the nation that fights slavery in our borders as well as others. If we truly cared, then we would fight with our everything to make certain not one child on this planet has eyes that have seen unimaginable horrors. Yet we don't. It must be heartbreaking to be one of the girls trapped in sex slavery in our country and watch the country cry out for justice for one murdered girl, and yet stay silent about the injustice of enslaving girls barely old enough to talk to service the sexual deviance of some pervert.

    Regarding the Casey Anthony case, there is an axiom I have read numerous times in John Grisham books (as well as others that I can't think of right now) that our society is better served if 10 guilty people go free than one innocent person be imprisoned. I do believe that she did it, I also believe that the case was bungled by the prosecutor overreaching and going for a Murder 1 conviction which does not fit the circumstances of the case.


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