How Does that Make You Feel?

Recently I gifted someone a set of music that kept me from falling apart. I considered that set of music as something of medical bandage to a hemorrhaging wound of sorts. It was funny because I explained the gift as a form of love expressing itself. I've come to determine that music is definitely one of my love languages. I've talked of it over and over again in recent months, how music sings for me when I can't express myself clearly or how God uses a line or a few words in a song to whisper something sweet and timely to my heart. Oh how I love those moments.

Tonight I was driving home and a few songs came on my shuffley way home and the first is a piece that has always just moved me in a very special way. There are a lot of reasons I love it, now more than ever. When I heard it tonight though, I felt like I could finally put words to how this song makes me feel. Do you know that feeling when you're heart is outside of your chest in the hands of another person? When you're so vulnerable, breakable and trusting - but feel so remarkably beautiful? Yeah, that. That's what this song evokes in me and I want to sit in it all the time:

The following song was a Ray LaMontagne song. Someone once told me that Ray is too melancholy, too sorrowful. In fact, just this week at work, some of the people I work with seemed to think Ray was too commercial (that made me laugh as they talked of Mumford & Sons who they love). Anyway...this particular song, the *sound* (not the lyrics) of this song...the music of it - it fills all the empty spaces in me. I feel like I'm being filled up from the inside out.

This final song for tonight popped up on little iPhone when I sat down after arriving home tonight. And this song fills me up to the ends of my finger tips with joy, with the promise of a Sunrise and love that is being filled by an eternal source that never runs dry. It's a song of something so beautiful that it makes me want to sing along, dance and just generally leaves me with a smile on my face. It's a song that is to me, is like cupcakes that I love so much.

....Next week, more songs with descriptions behind them....


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