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Some years ago, there was a kid's movie released called "Anastasia" based on the legend that the youngest daughter of Tsar Nicholas II was not killed in the massacre of the royal family in 1917 but lived on, escaped and was somewhere, unaware of who she was really. Legend said that Anastasia's distant relatives offered a reward for her return. In the movie, which is entirely fiction, it is suggested that this princess was lost and relegated to an orphanage, and conviently some years later, makes her way to St. Petersburg to be found by a con artist who wants to use her for her resemblence to the princess to gain monetary success. As it was a movie in the vein of a Disney made musical, although it was NOT a Disney film, there was of course, singing. One song is called "At the beginning." It was the song that most resonated with me, because I love change.

I read somewhere, that being a Sagittarius means being mutable and a person who enjoys change. I don't put any stock whatsoever in astrology, but I do love change. I love the first day of a new job, experiencing new things, and the way seasons change every thing about how you live. I love to move the furniture around, play with art, decorations and everything regularly. If anything stays too much the same for too long, I get bored and boring is bad for me. Consequently, I like new experiences, and I love that in Lamentations 3, there's a verse that says that God's mercies are NEW every morning. We get a new day, a day of change, everyday. A chance to begin again. Oh how much I need this in my life!

In the big things that arrive with BIG beginnings, the opportunity to have 365 new beginnings each year, the chance that at any moment, we can have a beginning. Sometimes when I begin a day and it starts off poorly, I just take a moment and 'reboot.' I get away for a few minutes, take some time with my Savior and ask for help to begin again. And I begin again.

Several years ago, I began a blog on Xanga. It was a good thing for awhile, then I had to end it. Not long after, I was able to start again. I found most of my old friends from around the blogosphere, but kept my blog mostly private. Over the last few years, it's waned. When I first moved to Virginia from Texas, nearly 3 years ago, I used it to keep my family and friends up to date on life. Then I fell out of love with blogging, and fell into a depressive state for several months. My blog was literally on a ventilator. Over the last few months, I've tried to rehabiliate it, but I've lost the desire to blog on Xanga anymore. I'm not sure why, maybe it's my need to see change, and it's been about 6 years on Xanga total. Most of the people I loved to read have either fallen off in their own writing, or moved on in life to more 'real life' kind of activities. I have as well, but I still want to write. But I want to have a purpose in my writing.

In the last 8 weeks or so, I've been sparked to write things that I never had written before. I've been challenged in my thinking, my walk with God and my perspective on a lot of things. The spark to write something of substance is on my radar. So, I'm back at the beginning. And I'm ready, willing and - hopefully - able to tackle the challenge of the beginning. What an adventure lies in new beginnings....and everyday, we get a new adventure.

Peace & Blessings.


  1. AM I THE FIRST TO COMMENT ON YOUR NEW BLOG?!?!?!!? Yee-Haw. I can now die happy, lol.
    I love your reason for this Beginning, and I'm thankful for the chance to read your writing.
    There is a season for everything, and now is the season for this.
    Many Blessings, dear sister! ~ L

  2. Lauren - yes you are! :D I <3 You.


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