30 Days of Gratitude (1.1 & 1.2)

Yesterday I didn't get to post about a day of gratitude but I'm going to roll these two days into one post. 

Saturday night, I sort of descended into exhaustion which led to flare ups of both anger & hurt - so I needed an injection of gratitude. It was what prompted me to run hard and fast to the foot of the cross. And run I did and I found it to be enough. See previous post here

-- Sundays I have to get up early to be at Blue Ridge to pray before I spend time with the kids. After being up until 1am working on a 28 page research paper, I did not look forward to getting up at 6:45 in the morning. But what I was thankful for? The gift of praying with my Jesus family, the gift of meeting with God in little smiling faces. I am thankful that my 4th grade girls & I had the best conversation we've had in months about God. I walked away with the gift of a smile on a rainy and cold morning.

-- After the recent pain & heart break, a wedding was not at the top of my list of things to be excited to attend. But I got dressed up and went to a wedding. Can I just say that God used that sweet wedding to start breathing life into my heart. To bring healing in contrast to my eyes. To not think about what wrongs had been done and said about me, but to focus on the fun of sharing in my friend's joy, what more could I be thankful for? I was thankful for a group of strangers who became fast friends & setting up a girls' dinner night. Sunday was such a gift.

-- When I got home, I was again gifted with my sweet friend Britni coming to the house to watch Once Upon a Time and we laughed and yelled at the TV and ate candy. I love my friends and that time just reminded me how much I love relaxing fun laughter with my friends.

-- Got a full night's rest and for that I'm thankful. Since the coming week will be busy, full & chocked full of writing, checking out and being completely out of human touch.

-- Today I got to spend a few minutes with my best friend sharing some frozen yogurt on a rainy day laughing and enjoying that same ease of life and eyes to the future. :)

-- Today, I squeezed some time to visit my brother and watch Thor (Getting ready for the Avengers on Friday!) and seeing Little Man (the nephew). When bedtime came, my sister in love asked little man, "M, who do you want to take you to bed, Mommy or Daddy?" and he looked at me with his big obsidian eyes and pointed to me, grabbed my hand and said "Aunt Mandi" - I wasn't an option, but I did take him to bed, read him a good-night story & prayed with him. Kissed him goodnight and could not walk away with a heart more full.

My first two days of Gratitude were full of gifts because my eyes were open - maybe even if I hadn't been looking. Yet, with eyes tuned to seeing things to be thankful for, I'm super aware and will close my eyes tonight with gratitude & a contented heart. 


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