Whiter than Snow

We had our first real snow of the year yesterday. Here are some pics from the morning after. People around here either pooh-pooh on the snow as they either hate it or are "I've seen more snow than that" about it.

Being from Texas, I didn't see snow very often. I love it when it snows. The quiet, the serenity it brings. I cannot go a day of snow without thinking of how Christ cleanses us whiter than snow. There's something about the muting of life that snow brings that makes my life wholly better in the winter.

Now that we live in the most beautiful place with views that would make you stop and catch your breath, here are some pics

Our Big Tree

Morning Snow Walk:

Lucy's Lamppost -- or what I imagine it looked like in Narnia:

"Wash me and I shall be Whiter than snow..."


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