Just Stop Complaining

It's been raining here in Central Virginia since Friday. And every time I log into social media, I find not one but usually multiple complaints about the rain.

I went about 10 days without a phone recently due to my own stupidity & the fact that phones are fragile. Whenever I logged in on a computer and after I got my phone back....all the negativity blasted me like a cold chill on my face on a winter day. It seeped into my skin and made me feel wildly uncomfortable.

I have little patience for people who complain about the weather, whether snow, rain, heat, cold, etc. . It's not always hot. It doesn't always snow. Rain doesn't last forever. Seasons change constantly & we have to roll with that. The sun isn't always going to shine, folks.

Why can't we enjoy the good weather days and find reasons to be thankful for bad weather days? I'm guilty of this on hot days - but I try to keep a healthy perspective and I need to hear these words too.

Don't like the cold weather or snow? Be thankful you get cozy warm days wrapped in warm sweaters, blankets, socks and can work and live in places with heat and electricity. Make some comfort food, grab a book, your pet, a significant other or friend and enjoy the day. Just stop complaining.

Don't like rainy weather? Do productive things around your house, make a cup of tea, read a book, make those phone calls you'd been putting off. Stir up some tomato soup and a grilled cheese and surprise your family with a meal around a table and a game night. Be thankful you hvae a roof over your head and don't have to work outside like some folks do. Just stop complaining.

Don't like the heat? Go to a movie with air conditioning and dark rooms. Go get some shorts and a tank top and enjoy the sunshine, warmth because winter comes with subzero temps and makes it uncomfortable. Find a friend with a pool and make drinks together (adult or not) and get a tan (or don't, if you burn). Take a drive in the mountains - I promise it's cooler than it is down here in the valleys. Be thankful you have options of air-conditioning and don't have to work in a sweatbox like my husband or others (if you don't). Just stop complaining.

We live in a complaint-driven world. If your food isn't fast enough, hot enough, good enough - complain. If the service isn't up to par, completely spotless - complain. If your clothes aren't good quality or tear - complain. If things don't go your way - complain. If you have to work for a living (I can't tell you how many people I have encountered who complain about this) - Complain. If you have to do something that inconveniences you - complain. It seems to be all we do - complain and whine about whatever we find.

Whatever we feed, is what we become - in our thought life. If we focus on negative things, we become negative people. What if we didn't succumb to these things?

Maybe can we make a deal? Can we change our perspective from complaints to gratitude? It takes effort. For every complaint, negative thought, can we turn that around?

In pain? Be grateful you have meds or that your body is functioning at all in spite of pain.
Heartache? Your heart is empathetic and moved to emotions.
Financial Woes? There's probably still food in your cabinets, a home to live in, etc, to be grateful for.
Tough job? You have a job - there are many who do not.

Those are just examples of ways to change your thinking. It isn't the easiest thing. Trust me, I'm preaching to myself here. But light a fire under your heart and mind...Just STOP COMPLAINING and start tweaking your perspective.

Why don't you try?

Lesson 25: Put on your positive pants. Original hand-lettering by Heather Luscher for Lettered Lessons // If reposting on social media please credit @letteredlessons in caption:


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