On Leggings, Boss Toddlers, Lipstick, Wine & Jesus

Speaking of leggings... I'm always speaking of leggings because...well ...Look, I am going to say something without shame here. I LOVE Leggings. I love wearing leggings as pants. I love feeling like I'm wearing pajamas to work because I don't want to be wildly uncomfortable and tug at shirts and skirts and slacks that pinch and bite into places that are not meant to be. I don't want to worried that my button up shirts are going to pop open and give a show to the men in my office. Let me wear my leggings, people. And no, it's not all I wear....I promise.

Also. can we not knock crazy legging prints? Because...dude. I'm a wild and fun gal and I love my prints. Today, I happen to be wearing octopus leggings. Tomorrow, I might wear my playing card ones. LET ME EXPRESS my fun side, for goodness sake. If you're too wound up to wear paper airplanes on your legs, dude...that's cool. But some of us...we don't have a lot of space to express ourselves, so fun prints are where it's at. I'm not going to judge you for wearing the same jeans since high school, so let's not get all rude about my fun clothes. Maybe I want to be like that Toddler who dances like a lunatic because she knows joy and doesn't care a flip what people think. In fact, can we all be that Toddler?

Speaking of toddler's owning their own world....we've all seen the little glorious girl dancing into her Dad's BBC interview, right? Yeah you know the one....wearing a bright yellow shirt and dancing in that joint like she knew what was UP. Let's be her. 

Speaking of network marketing stuff...there seems to be an overabundance of lipsticks, lip stains, and other lip treatments. It's like...whoa. And girls, let me say, I'm not knocking it - but 25$ for a tube of lip whatever? uh.....I could go to the nicest place in town and get a full meal with wine for that. And wine is better than lipstick that I need a sandblaster to get off. Which...by the way, is that not odd? I am not sure how I feel about putting something on my skin that's going to not let go for more than 24 hours....doesn't there have to be something in there that's not good for your skin? Will your lips shrivel to a destroyed line of collagen-less prune lip someday because of that? These are questions I ask myself.

Speaking of wine...this last weekend, my wine rack was empty. There was talk of the end of democracy and Russia and some other stuff, but my wine rack was empty - On a day I could have busted one open and shared a glass on the roof top terrace with my husband and watched the sunset. But it wasn't the end of the world. In fact, it was an interesting thing because I had read Sarah Bessey's blog on quitting drinking.  And I thought about it a good bit over the next few days. I'm not convicted on the topic the same as she but I applaud her quiet and true growth in Christ. But it did give me pause and my humorous look at my wine rack did make me ask Jesus if my attitude about wine was healthy. And I was OK with that empty rack. In fact, it's OK if it's empty a lot - I can buy leggings instead of wine, right?

Speaking of talking to Jesus...I did a lot this week - because when your bank account drops down to 15$ - well you get used to talking to Jesus every second of the day. "God, can you make this quarter tank of gas last like...all week?" But it's good stuff, because Miracle --- when we get ourselves close up to Jesus like a toddler crawling into mom's lap....He gets close to us, holds us tighter. It's like those moments when I'm not feeling great and I become a needy wife and make my husband lay next to me and hold, cuddle and comfort me. But he's the best husband because he does and he holds me tighter, he makes sure I know He is with me. That's the funny thing, we joke about me being needy when I'm sick. But the better thing....I'm NEVER too needy or clingy or too overwhelming to God. Isn't  that the most incredible truth?....that GLORIOUS miracle of not being too much for him...and HE STILL GETS CLOSE TO US. I can't with that, guys. Best. Thing. Ever.


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